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Wordless Wednesday 13012016

Hobbiton – lines, curves and angles.   Click on gallery to enlarge    

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Hamilton – New Zealand

Visiting Hamilton, New Zealand to attend a family reunion recently, we took some time out to visit a couple of local attractions.  One being the Waitomo glow worm caves. We were planning to go black water rafting but it was … Continue reading

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Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is a lake situated in the North Island of New Zealand. It lies in the caldera of the Taupo Volcano. With a surface area of 616 square kilometres (238 sq mi), it is the largest lake by surface area in New … Continue reading

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Whakapapa Continue:

I have in my possession, some war records belonging to Thomas Campbell. I was told my natural fathers name is Eddie Campbell and was related to Thomas Campbell. I could see Thomas has a number of children but was unsure which child … Continue reading

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We flew out of Brisbane 2 weeks ago landing at the Auckland airport around 5pm. We jumped on the courteous bus which drove us a few minutes down the road to Go Rentals to pick up our vehicle. A quick … Continue reading

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Pania today is a ledge or reef of rock, commonly known now as the Napier breakwater, lying about four miles beyond Hukarere point on the north island of New Zealand. This was the home of Pania, a beautiful sea maiden … Continue reading

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Contain Yourself

Reading your partner’s mood and knowing which buttons do what and when and how hard you can push them and when to leave them the frig alone, certainly can avoid unnecessary arguments and or hurt feelings. I tend to be … Continue reading

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I thought my “about the Author” page was boring so I have included a more comprehensive Biography page for those who would like to know a bit more about me. I was born in the 60’s. My mother was a … Continue reading

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