Wordless Wednesday 15022017

A day at the beach.



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RPA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft

If you’ve got a drone and haven’t been keeping a close eye on the regulations, be very careful. Uploading videos taken from your drone to the internet could result in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) sending you a hefty fine.

One Queensland drone pilot found this out the hard way, after receiving an $850 fine for his drone use — all based on videos he had uploaded to YouTube. (Ref)


Australia’s safety laws for drones vary whether you are flying commercially or recreationally.

When flying a drone over 2 kilograms for any form of economic gain, you need to have an RPA operator’s certificate.

When flying for fun then the regulations are less restrictive and allow you to fly an RPA without needing to be certified, providing you follow some simple safety rules. (Ref)

Standard RPA operating conditions means that the RPA must be operated:

  • within visual line of sight
  • below 400 ft AGL
  • during the day
  • more than 30 m away from anyone who is not directly associated with the operation (people being filmed are not considered to be directly associated with the RPA’s operation)

It may not be operated:

  • over a populous area
  • within 3 nautical miles of the movement area of a controlled aerodrome
  • in a prohibited area
  • in a restricted area that is classified as RA3
  • in a restricted area that is classified as RA2 or RA1 otherwise than in accordance with regulation 101.065
  • over an area where a fire, police or other public safety or emergency operation is being conducted without the approval of a person in charge of the operation.                                                                                                                                                                                  (Ref)

I don’t have a drone…. but I sure would like one!



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We spent New Years Eve at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia because that’s where we ended up after spending much of the evening driving around exploring the top of Mt Tamborine which is situated in the Gold Coast hinterland area.





We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves as most of the action was around the corner at Coolangatta which was just crazy busy.


We had our dog Chi with us so needed to be a good distance from the noise of the fireworks. This actually turned into my advantage because we ended up with an uninterrupted view.






Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support and comments over the past year. I wish you a wonderful 2017.



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Although Mum has not once complained, I know she is struggling. When I ask her how she is, she smiles and says “I’m feeling great”.


She’s attended an interstate wedding, numerous birthday parties and of course Christmas celebrations whilst battling cancer. She’s knitted toys for her great-grandchildren for Christmas presents and she’s still taking orders from family members wanting specific knitted items.

Mum has finished the chemo treatment and is half way through radiation. We have been taking her out every chance we get. She’s not well enough to move too far on her own legs but she loves sitting in the car and exploring with us.

Not missing an opportunity to get some photography in, I hang out the car window blissfully snapping away whilst MM (My Man) plays chauffeur.

Start the slide show, click on the music (below) and enjoy the ride.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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I missed it!

I missed the third and final super-moon of 2016 on Tuesday. Well, when I say missed it, I did see it from my backyard and muttered to myself “Wow check out the moon. It looks better than the supposed super-moon in November”.

I did take a few shots of the clouds passing it last night (better late than never) but disappointed I didn’t do my homework better and catch it on Tuesday.  Who knew there was a 3rd phase?



This photograph below is a-la-natural.

Moon A


Now I have cooled down the temperature, pumped up the exposure, twitched up the highlights, lighted up the shadows and black.

Moon B


This photograph I have increased exposure and cropped.



This shot I have warmed up the temperature, increased exposure and highlights, lightened shadows and cropped then chucked a WP frame around it. I like this one.


I found this great video put together to “Dark Side of the Moon”  on You Tube.

Have a wonderful weekend


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Wordless Wednesday 14122016

Monochrome – Brown


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Deception Bay

Deception Bay in the Caboolture Shire, Queensland, Australia, lies approximately 30 kilometres north of Brisbane  It is called Deception Bay because when discovered by Lieutenant John Oxley in 1823, he thought the bay was a river because of its unusual shallowness.

At low tide, you can find the two unusual baths that have been excavated out of bed rock. Named Bancroft Bath No1 and No2, created in the late 1800s by a local resident Joseph Bancroft as a type of hydrotherapy unit, for his sick wife to bathe in the salt water. (ref)

Deception Bay

Dr Joseph Bancroft was a pioneer in experimenting in native plants for their health properties and through his meatworks, the preservation of meat, fish and vegetables.

The area was once large parcels of land supporting dairying and farming and while some large blocks remain today, most have been subdivided providing housing for a growing community. (ref)


Deception Bay Housing

  • Median sales price $338,000,
  • Annual capital growth 3.51%,
  • Weekly median advertised rent $325

Over the last year, property investments in Deception Bay have given investors a capital gain of 5.63%.   (ref)

Deception Bay

Moreton Bay Marine Park protects a vast array of marine habitats, plants and animals covering more than 3400km2.  In 1971 representatives from 18 nations signed the Convention on Wetlands of International Significance (known as the Ramsar Convention) to stop global loss of wetlands. Moreton Bay is one of Australia’s largest sites listed under the Ramsar Convention.

Boat Ramp

There are 11 declared Fish Habitat Areas  in Moreton Bay:

Pumicestone Channel, Deception Bay, Kippa-Ring, Hay’s Inlet, Moreton Banks, Myora-Amity Banks, Peel Island, Jumpinpin-Broadwater, Pimpama, Coomera, Coombabah. (ref)

The name Deception Bay is often abbreviated to D-Bay or Depression Bay. The suburb acquired a negative reputation due to crime and high unemployment during the 1980s and 1990s as it was populated with one of the most concentrated social housing in Queensland by the government of the day. Community problems subsided after 2001 due to development and population growth in the area. (ref)

Deception Bay





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Wordless Wednesday 23112016



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Wordless Wednesday 16112016



Click on gallery to enlarge and enjoy.



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Supermoon 2016

Not exactly “Super”. Low cloud on the horizon so we missed the grand entrance but managed to get some nice pics anyway. I set up camera at the Redcliffe Jetty and waited.

Redcliffe Jetty

Click on gallery to enlarge and enjoy.

Redcliffe Jetty

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