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Old School

Me sitting at my “computer desk”. My hardware.. dirt. My software.. imagination.

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I haven’t had much time for blogging recently. What with one thing and another WP has taken a back seat. I’ve taken up part-time employment as a Driver under the Shebah banner. Basically I’m a self-employed driver subcontracted to Shebah. … Continue reading

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The urban dictionary’s definition of “shakedown” reads… Another word for extortion/blackmail, or the obtaining of a good or service through means of force, threats/intimidation, or abuse of power. Wikipedia has a definition reading… Shakedown (testing) a period of testing undergone by a … Continue reading

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Wordless (almost) Wednesday 26042017

I picked my camera (Canon 700D) up today. That was the longest wait. These pictures have been taken with my phone camera (GalaxyS7) while I’ve been hanging out for the return of “my precious”.  I’ve quite enjoyed playing around with … Continue reading

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Chuggin Along

Well, the last 12 months have been exhausting I must say. We sold the business, moved, renovated, Dad died, Mum got cancer and one of my sisters who’s asthmatic, had a particularly bad attack ending her in hospital for a … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 15022017

A day at the beach.

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RPA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft

If you’ve got a drone and haven’t been keeping a close eye on the regulations, be very careful. Uploading videos taken from your drone to the internet could result in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) sending you a hefty … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 16112016

Glamping Click on gallery to enlarge and enjoy.  

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Holden vs Ford

When I first came to Australia is was made very clear to me that you are either a Holden or Ford fan. Pick your team. I have been a Holden supporter (Even though I’ve always owned a Toyota of some … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 28092016


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