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Wordless Wednesday 23082017


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The Glasshouse Mountains

Glass House Mountains were named by Captain Cook on the 17 May 1770, as he sailed up the east coast of Australia in his Endeavour, approximately 64 kilometres north of Brisbane.  ‘These hills lie but a little way inland, and not far … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 14062017

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The urban dictionary’s definition of “shakedown” reads… Another word for extortion/blackmail, or the obtaining of a good or service through means of force, threats/intimidation, or abuse of power. Wikipedia has a definition reading… Shakedown (testing) a period of testing undergone by a … Continue reading

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Wordless (almost) Wednesday 26042017

I picked my camera (Canon 700D) up today. That was the longest wait. These pictures have been taken with my phone camera (GalaxyS7) while I’ve been hanging out for the return of “my precious”.  I’ve quite enjoyed playing around with … Continue reading

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We spent a lot of time picking out a caravan that would best suit our current and foreseeable future needs. Once we found the right Make (Jayco) Layout (east to west) and Size (24ft) we customised for our needs. We upgraded … Continue reading

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Chuggin Along

Well, the last 12 months have been exhausting I must say. We sold the business, moved, renovated, Dad died, Mum got cancer and one of my sisters who’s asthmatic, had a particularly bad attack ending her in hospital for a … Continue reading

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I’ll be missing you.

Racing up the stairs, cradling it in my arms. Bursting through the doors calling, “Please help me! I’ve dropped it!” With a worried expression on my face the words blurt out. “I think I’ve killed it!” My camera repair man … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 15032017


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Lake Samsonvale

The North Pine Dam, also known as Lake Samsonvale, was completed in 1976.  Located north-west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, you will find this concrete gravity dam with earthfill embankments on abutments. This dam is a gated dam, allowing the local authority … Continue reading

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