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First Stop

I had a few weeks to recover before leaving for 4 weeks of touring around parts of Queensland. If you’ve experienced broken ribs you’d know that sitting can be uncomfortable and bumping around in a 4×4 towing a caravan in … Continue reading

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I wasn’t expecting that!

Last week I fell on some stairs and fractured a couple of ribs. I was carrying the dog and couldn’t break my fall, landing heavily on my side. This accident could really have not come at a worst time. We … Continue reading

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It’s time

It’s been nearly two years since my father’s death and I still have a lot of his things that I’ve not been in the right mood to sort through and get rid of. Some weeks back I opened a storage … Continue reading

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The last time we went to the Gold Coast I came home with a smudge on my photos I could not remove. I’d been out taking pictures of the surfers at Coolangatta.   All of a sudden, up popped a … Continue reading

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Surfing Kirra Point

There are a number of great surfing spots around the Coolangatta coastline on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. One of these is Kirra Point. Kirra Point was once a much bigger beach, and home to some truly legendary pipelines. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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New Digs

Twelve plus months ago, measures were put in place to keep MM’s (My Man)  parents in their own home as long as possible. There were visits from the home-care workers twice daily. The morning attendant helped them with showers, dressing, made … Continue reading

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Gippsland Lakes

The Gippsland Lakes is the largest system of inland waterways in Australia. If you are visiting Eastern Victoria, stopping at Lakes Entrance for a few days of exploring, will be well worth your while. These photographs were taken a couple … Continue reading

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Old School

Me sitting at my “computer desk”. My hardware.. dirt. My software.. imagination.

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I haven’t had much time for blogging recently. What with one thing and another WP has taken a back seat. I’ve taken up part-time employment as a Driver under the Shebah banner. Basically I’m a self-employed driver subcontracted to Shebah. … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday 30082017


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