Walking in mud best describes the current path I’m taking. I forcibly remove my left foot, step forward and find my right now buried up to my ankle. We deal with one issue, see the clearing then *poof*, up comes another quagmire to navigate through.

I worked over the Christmas period except the public holidays. Being the newbie, I don’t get to draw straws. I quite enjoyed the quieter time. Head Office was closed for 2 week and most of the staff I deal with were on holiday. I caught up with my filing system on the laptop, completed some online training and went over our marketing material.

Our dog Chi has not been well for a few months so between working and public holidays, we scheduled in visits to the vet. She has had health issues for a long time, recently dropping 4kg in about 6 weeks. Test results show she has developed diabetes. She is now given 2 shots of insulin daily and her health is starting to improve.



I can see the clearing. I hope to get some play time in soon!

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5 Responses to Quagmire

  1. You deserve to treat yourself with the kindness that you treat everyone else. I learned the β€˜ hard way β€˜ and sleepwalked into a virtual nervous breakdown and could not do anything for anyone for years. The doctor told me if l was dying he could help me but it was called stress.
    Here’s some words of wisdom ….. You are important to yourself as without you nobody who needs your help can be helped …. and to God you are one of his children and a real angel πŸ˜‡ Love yourself as you have and always love others … Lots of hugs and now and always in my πŸ™β€™s

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  2. disperser says:

    Sorry to hear . . . but glad you can see the clearing.

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    • Thank you. Yin and Yang. I guess this life’s journey is not paved in gold nor one fast ride down easy street, I’m loving this trip just the same πŸ™‚ even if parts along the way are not all pleasant. Happy New Year to you and your’s !


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