4th Stop

Our 4th stop finds us in Longreach. I thought the township of Longreach was a lot larger than it was. Due to the swarming flies, there was nothing for us to do except visit  The Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame.  Thought it was kinda expensive to enter a fancy shed full of old shit.

Click on picture below to enlarge.

Longreach is an out-post and somewhere you really need to stop, rest and gather supplies if you’re heading further west.  You know you’ve hit Out-Back when you reach Longreach and from here on you must fuel up anywhere you can.  The towns get smaller and further apart.

I was planning to take us further west to Birdsville. I want to see the Simpson Desert. We are not equipped to cross and the desert is conservation area (no dogs) but you can get a good view from the Big Red Rock.  The planned route from Longreach was Winton to Middleton, on to Boulia  (min min light and UFO country)  then Birdsville. We heard from locals that the flies were even worst further west so out came the map and marked our intended route TBE (To Be Explored) , packed up and headed north-east.

Leaving Longreach we went north taking the Cramise Muttaburra Road to Muttaburra then Highway number 19 to Hughenden then jumping on the Flinders Highway A6 to head east, stopping at Charters Towers the night. That was one crazy day on the road. Dirt/bulldust from Longreach to the A6. We did luck out however because Highway 19 had recently been graded after the wet season.  Not so lucky driving through a swarm of locus for 2 hours straight. That bug gut juice is a bitch to wash off after being baked in the sun. The above picture was taken at the beginning of the days drive. Our rig did not look like that at the end of the day.

More to come…..

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7 Responses to 4th Stop

  1. Yvonne says:

    May I confess that I didn’t like the Stockman’s Hall of Fame. I don’t kmow why …

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  2. Rainee says:

    Fascinating! Loved the pic of the open road.

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  3. Great post Kristen hope you’re well and looks like you’re enjoying your trip well deserved … Ian 😊👍⭐️❤️

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