First Stop

I had a few weeks to recover before leaving for 4 weeks of touring around parts of Queensland.

If you’ve experienced broken ribs you’d know that sitting can be uncomfortable and bumping around in a 4×4 towing a caravan in Outback Queensland, well, ouch.   So changing our intended route, we headed north to Bagara Beach for 4 days R & R before heading west.

Bagara is approximately 15km east of Bundaberg, a fair days drive from Brisbane. I’d been there many years ago with my Mother. We were holidaying at Don Pancho’s and had gone to see the turtles at Mon Repo, a hatchery and protected national park.

We didn’t visit any national parks on this trip because the Fat Mongrel was travelling with us.

We spent the next 4 days on the beach, riding our push bikes and ironing out a few kinks in the caravan. This is our first big trip away.  We were a bit heavy on the ball weight and needed to move some things around.

Bundaberg volcanic province is located in the Bundaberg-Childers area. The volcano was formed by a short-lived eruption period, 60 million years ago. (Ref Volcano live)

Past volcanic activity has left basalt rocks, rounded by wave action, scattered along much of the coastline, especially headlands. The Hummock, clearly visible from sea, is the centre of an area of rich, red soil, clothed in fields of sugar cane.

Leaving Bagara, we planned to make our way to Birdsville then follow Queensland’s southern border back to the coast and  home. That was the plan. That is not how it went down….. more to come.

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