It’s time

It’s been nearly two years since my father’s death and I still have a lot of his things that I’ve not been in the right mood to sort through and get rid of.

Some weeks back I opened a storage box and picked out a little Caplio RR530 digital camera that belonged to my Step-Mother who passed away a few years before Dad.

There were a few pictures on the memory card of their last Christmas together which was nice to see. Dad’s wife loved photography. Here are two of her photographs that remained on the memory card.

One of her favourite subject matters…. Frogs

I took the camera with me on my afternoon walk with Chi, aka The fat Mongrel, to try it out.

The settings on the camera were low quality which I discovered when I downloaded the pictures, so not a bad effort for a wee point and shoot.

I’m not sure how old the camera is but it takes AAA batteries and I can’t get a usb for it so I’m taking the shots off the camera via the sd card. I don’t take my good canon camera with me when I’m out on the motorbike but this one might come in handy.



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