I haven’t had much time for blogging recently. What with one thing and another WP has taken a back seat.

I’ve taken up part-time employment as a Driver under the Shebah banner. Basically I’m a self-employed driver subcontracted to Shebah. Shebah is very similar to Uber. Passengers use the Shebah App to call for a rideshare driver. Shebah service offers female only drivers for female and children passengers. We also accept pets if pre-booked.

There are scenarios in which boys and men can use the service.

  1. Primary school aged boys can travel with a female guardian or unaccompanied.
  2. Secondary school boys or boys under 18 can travel if accompanied by their mother or a female guardian.
  3. A man travelling with his female partner, and baby in need of a baby seat or toddler in need of a booster seat, can ride in a Shebah. This is only applicable if the ride has been pre-booked on our Facebook Bookings page and the driver is aware and has agreed to the circumstances.

Drivers are self-employed and pay Shebah 15% of the fare. For this we have access to the Shebah app platform. Shebah provides advertising, promotional items and support. Taxi and rideshare drivers are highly regulated in Queensland. I had to jump through many hoops and of course pay a multitude of fees to obtain my driver’s authorisation.

There are a number of ridesharing services operating in Australia and many of our drivers drive for most of them. I have chosen to only use the Shebah service because I feel safer as a driver.

Shebah launched on 8/3/17. At the beginning of August we had 1732 drivers and 20,000 passengers with the Shebah App. Shebah is growing quickly with more and more riders downloading the app daily and preferring to ride with us.

I drive out in the suburbs.  I have a 6 cylinder vehicle so taking on the small rides around the city is not viable for me. I also find city driving stressful. I much prefer cruising around the suburbs and highway driving.

I’ve done quite a bit of self promotion. I have a FaceBook page set up and I deliver pamphlets around my local area and network. There are no set hours which is great. I choose when I drive and for how long.

We are on the move again (more to come) so I will have to start all over promoting myself in the new suburb.

For now, I’m back to packing boxes.

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9 Responses to Driving

  1. Seafarrwide says:

    If I didn’t have a car that is owned by my doggies ha I would do this!

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  2. Great to see you posting again and looks like a real worthy job needed in today’s world and wish you best of luck in your new pursuit …..Keep well Kirsten and speak soon Ian ⭐️🙏😊👍🌹

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    • Hi Ian. I hope to do more photographing & posting after I move at the end of next month. I do get great satisfaction driving, especially when transporting senior women to and from appointments (usually doctors) and transporting young women to their venues at night. We are also much cheaper than a taxi so it’s nice to know we are really providing a worthy service. Thanks for stopping in. 🤗

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  3. Rainee says:

    Nice red car 🚗😀

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