Wordless Wednesday 30082017




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12 Responses to Wordless Wednesday 30082017

  1. kiwidutch says:

    What a stunning photograph! … and when I read that it was one ‘caught on the fly” I was rather jealous because even the shots I wait and wait for aren’t that good!
    Really though: well done, excellent shot, great colour and composition.

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    • I know exactly what you mean. I set up the tripod, fiddle with the camera settings, time my photo shoot to get the lighting I think I need for the subject and take 100’s of photographs and…….. no exceptional shot. And that colour, is the colour of the sky that evening. We were having some crazy beautiful sunsets that month.
      I just happened to grab the camera on the way out the door. We were taking our dog for her regular walk. Usually I use my phone to grab anything worth posting on instagram. At least then if I see something that makes me say “That would make a great shot”, I don’t miss out completely.
      Thanks for your kind comments kiwidutch.:-)


  2. RV John says:

    The light and the birds sure make for great image, nicely done!


  3. Rainee says:

    Beautiful photo!


  4. a great image, composition and shading to match… but only seen at it best if readers click the visit button on the WP Reader page….otherwise they get a blank piece of the sky to look at in the reader. I had hoped WP would have appreciated that photographers a full image not a precise of random selection.

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