The urban dictionary’s definition of “shakedown” reads… Another word for extortion/blackmail, or the obtaining of a good or service through means of force, threats/intimidation, or abuse of power.

Wikipedia has a definition reading… Shakedown (testing) a period of testing undergone by a ship, airplane or other craft before being declared operational.

We recently took our caravan away for a 6 day shakedown and I’m pleased to inform you that it went well and the only people intimidated were ourselves. We went to Mudjimba beach on the Sunshine Coast as we would only be an hour or so away from home in the event we forgot something crucial.

We made it out of the driveway without incident. Tick that. We made it to our destination without incident and are very pleased with the way she tows. Tick that. We backed the caravan into the tight campsite at the caravan park on the second go. Not bad considering the amount of eyes watching and making us nervous. We had purchased a set of hand-held radios so we can communicate with each other, which made things easier.  Tick that. We took our dog with us and she settled right in and was very well behaved. Tick that.

So far so good. We discovered we require a longer waste water outlet hose and a longer power lead and we need to change the water inlet valve as we had very little water flow/pressure when connected to the parks water tap. We also learnt not to park under trees because of sap and leaf litter falling on the van and awning and also because the satellite receiver could not pick up the satellite. The solar panels still managed to charge the batteries but obviously would do a better job if not partially shaded. We also learnt not to leave the rubbish bin outside of the van overnight because the bush turkeys can get into them. What a mess!

All and all it was quite a successful shakedown. We’ll take the van out again on a couple of small runs before we go for a longer trip. We are planning to travel around Queensland for our first big trip. Brisbane to Roma to Charleville to Birdsville to Longreach to Cloncurry to Burketown to Karumba to Cairns and back to Brisbane down the eastern coastline.

I really loved staying at Mudjimba. It’s a small seaside community with everything you need within a short walking distance from the caravan park. As you can see by the pictures, crowds are not a problem. Please click on the gallery to enlarge photographs.


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  1. Good stuff.

    I really need to be checking your stuff out more often.


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