Chuggin Along

Well, the last 12 months have been exhausting I must say.

We sold the business, moved, renovated, Dad died, Mum got cancer and one of my sisters who’s asthmatic, had a particularly bad attack ending her in hospital for a number of weeks after we nearly lost her. My son’s been in and out of hospital with non life-threatening injuries, my middle daughter took an injury to her shoulder at work and she’s still being treated. My oldest daughter got married. (Best apart of the year!) MM’s Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease so we’ve organised home care for his parents and made safety adjustments around their house so they can live there longer.

We have weathered the storm of Mum’s illness. We’ve got her back (minus a boob) and we are looking forward to getting some sort of normality back. Chemo finished. Radiation finished.

For those who have travelled this path, you will know, the ongoing medical appointments day after day and mindless staring at blank hospital walls, becomes the norm. Back on back appointments see us scurrying from one end of the hospital to the other.

We have a rip-snorter start to this year. Β We picked up the caravan a few days ago. I’ll give you the low-down in another post. Getting time to use it is now the challenge.

I was under the impression that mid-life would mean time to do some of those things you dreamt about doing when you were growing up and raising kids but you didn’t have the time nor the money to do. I find mid-life is exactly that. Caught in the middle. You’re still supporting your kids in one way or another. You have grand-kids, so you’re back doing the school run. Your parents are ageing and need your help and attention. And, you still need to work. Taking time out to paint my nails these days is a luxury.


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14 Responses to Chuggin Along

  1. I will hope and πŸ™ things get better for you and you eventually have more time for you Kirsten as like you in so many ways but not the same l travelled the path of problem after problem and eventually after mum died now two years ago, I had to find me again as their had only been them and their problems … That is the hardest part of my and finally can call life .. Where did l go ? Be well and lots of hugs Ian X

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    • Thanks for your encouragement Ian. Yes, it is very easy to get lost. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve started using the word NO every now and then and as you can see by recent posts, started planning for some fun times ahead. XX

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      • Your welcome and NO really is the hardest word for people like us … I ended up at 36 with a nervous breakdown and could not even go out the front door for panic attacks .. I was a man who travelled 40,000 miles a year sorting out other people’s problems and I do not wish that on anyone … Be safe in my prayers now and always Kirsten πŸ™

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  2. Easy for outsiders to say that it will all get easier…when you are up against it you doubt that very much. But having been there, done that, I can confirm that it does. It is a learning process and your ability to cope grows. You will get haunted at times with memories both good and bad but I better eventually you will find that you have come out of it stronger.


  3. Experimental Ghost says:

    Disperser is right. It never ends… but it does get easier and THAT makes it all worth it

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  4. Rainee says:

    Sounds like it has been full on! I hope the rest of the year provides some time to relax and enjoy the day πŸ™‚

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  5. disperser says:

    Yeah, it never ends . . . no, wait; it does . . . but that’s not much comfort.

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