I missed it!

I missed the third and final super-moon of 2016 on Tuesday. Well, when I say missed it, I did see it from my backyard and muttered to myself “Wow check out the moon. It looks better than the supposed super-moon in November”.

I did take a few shots of the clouds passing it last night (better late than never) but disappointed I didn’t do my homework better and catch it on Tuesday.  Who knew there was a 3rd phase?



This photograph below is a-la-natural.

Moon A


Now I have cooled down the temperature, pumped up the exposure, twitched up the highlights, lighted up the shadows and black.

Moon B


This photograph I have increased exposure and cropped.



This shot I have warmed up the temperature, increased exposure and highlights, lightened shadows and cropped then chucked a WP frame around it. I like this one.


I found this great video put together to “Dark Side of the Moon”  on You Tube.

Have a wonderful weekend


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11 Responses to I missed it!

  1. Jet Eliot says:

    Enjoyed the moon visits, Kristen, your photos and art, and Pink Floyd’s too~~


  2. Wonderful shots!

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    • Thank you David. I’m rather chuffed with them myself 🙂 When I noticed the break in cloud cover I was arguing with myself trying to decided if I could be bothered getting the gear set up. For sure the sky will be in darkness by the time I’m ready. Glad my “just do it” attitude won over my “Lazy, I can’t be bothered” attitude because I got in about 10 minutes of playtime before the cloud cover completely blocked out the moonlight.

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  3. Just love the video as we’ll … Pink Floyd Amazing 🌓

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  4. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Great post Kristen … Just love these types of views … Ian ⭐️😊🎄

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  5. disperser says:

    Cloudy here as well . . . so, not so super. Those are still nice photos.

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