Ricks Garage

Ricks Garage was originally a petrol station & workshop, now turned into an amazing retro diner & still functioning workshop.


Rick’s Diner is a popular destination for car and motorcycle clubs, day trippers, tourists and locals.

Rick and his family bought the site 15 years ago when it was an old garage. They converted part of the space into a fish and chip shop, which evolved into a diner. The original owner Steve Russ owned the garage for 36 years.

Much of the retro memorabilia that gives the diner its 1950s rock-n-roll feel was taken from scraps and parts lying around the garage,

The garage was retained as a reminder of Palmwoods’ history and to this day you can have your car worked on by a mechanic while you grab a burger. (Ref)

The old-school American-inspired whiskey bar upstairs hosts a “floor-to-ceiling” whiskey selection, a big central bar, tables and booths. The bar is an over-18s – no kids allowed. There is a large outdoor dining and entertainment area for families.

bar bar-2 beer-garden

If you are passing the area, Ricks Garage is well worth stopping in on.

14-16 Margaret St Palmwoods, Queensland, Australia. Check out their Facebook page here.



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4 Responses to Ricks Garage

  1. Experimental Ghost says:

    Did you try “The Big One”?

    Yeah neither did I.

    Love your write up and pics.

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  2. disperser says:

    Looks like a nice stop.

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