Sometime I notice people who are so caught up in their own little world they forget where they are and seem to forget common decency.

At nearly every car show I’ve been to I’ve witnessed someone doing something silly with no regard for other people. The most common thing I see is people leaning into car windows admiring the interior, oblivious to the fact that their belt buckle is rubbing along the paintwork. And how about those tactile people who just can’t admire without the need to brand the vehicle with their fingerprint/smudge.

This young chap was under direction of his mother who had her phone out taking pictures of him. I missed the next shot because I lowered the camera in shock when she directed him to lean over the bonnet. Like he could reach anyway!

Dont touch

A bit of editing fun. Click on the gallery to enlarge and enjoy.


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7 Responses to Aware

  1. Do I see an IMMACULATE HR 186?! My car!! I had a ute – the fun I had driving that! Its burnouts could fill an intersection with smoke!

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  2. Experimental Ghost says:

    People getingntoo close to show cars has been a problemfor as long as I can remember. Back in the day they used to have cordons around them. But now so much now with most shows being out doors

    That old HR Holden brings back some memories.

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    • Nice HR isn’t it. I don’t think I could handle having people all over my car and it is a scratched up old Rav4 and if they touched my bike I’d have a heart attack.


  3. disperser says:

    Weird that all the steering wheels are on the wrong side. Are you sure you didn’t flip the negative?

    Nice shots, by the way, and yes, people are oblivious.


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