Renovation Cont: The floor tiles are finally down and we have moved some furniture into the house. The lounge chairs were from Dad’s place and not really my thing but we will use them until I find something more to my taste.  We have used a cheap Chinese floor tile and I think they look great. When laid properly even the cheapest of tiles can look fantastic. Credit to our tiler Mark from Mast Tiling. Mark has been easy to work with and I would highly recommend him. He’s not the cheapest tiler around but his expertise was well worth the money.

Family Room 1 Lounge Room 3 Lounge Room 2 Kitchen 1

I still have the old blue vertical blinds in the lounge room which I will replace once I’ve decided what with. The windows in the family room are bare. I need to go through some home décor books to work out what I’m going to do.  I think I may opt for curtains this time around but we will see.

I love these handsome cutlery draw inserts we found on the web. So much better than the plain old white inserts available in the stores don’t you think? (click on gallery to enlarge)


The totally cost for the renovations so far has well and truly exceeded my budget but what the heck. This house is my house so I’ve paid for the entire project. MM (My Man) has been fantastic and provided much of the labour which has saved me a small fortune.

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