After an unsuccessful telephone line and internet connection with Optus, we signed up for a bundle with Telstra. See post here.

Well, can you guess what happened next? You got it, exactly the same thing only this time it took 3 days, 4 phone calls, being told outright lies like “there is an outage in your area”  “There was a hold up and it will be connected in 6 hours”,  and over 3 hours on hold listening to their shit music to establish they, Telstra, can not supply our telecommunications requirements.

Have I or have I not been listening to Australian politicians yammering on about the National Broadband Network up and coming connection supplying us with faster speeds? How about supplying us with an infrastructure that can support our needs first because there are no more available ports… whatever the frack that means!

I live in an outer suburb of Brisbane about 40km from the CBD. I’m not living in remote Australia. Y’ud think I could get a broadband connection.

Looking at u

Telstra, you are in my sights. Not only is your handling of this completely unprofessional, your treatment of clients, us, who are real flesh and blood people is immoral. I refuse to subscribe to such behaviour and will be immediately relinquishing the few measly Telstra Shares I hold and I ask other Telstra Share Holders to consider the type of company you have associated yourself with and ask you to do the same.

Vodafone to the rescue with a WiFi 4G cube.



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13 Responses to Telstra

  1. disperser says:

    . . . not making it attractive to consider moving to Australia. I’m currently getting 70 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps upload speeds and that is something one quickly learns to take for granted.

    Wait . . . that’s with my IP masking and VPN active. Raw speed is 120 Mbps downloads and 12 Mbps uploads.

    That said, I hear where I’ll probably move will be slower . . . my life will be shit, at least until I resign myself to slower speeds.


    • The entire network here is ridiculous. I have barely had 2 bars on 3G which should be connecting to 4G mobile phone network for the past week or so. I was on the Gold Coast over the weekend and it was the same down there. Tried turning the phone off and back on but that didn’t help any. Gosh, I’m frustrated so if you’re use to fast speeds, I hope things improve before you get here or I’ll hear you yelling from my place.


  2. Yvonne says:

    We’re sure at their (non-tender) mercies, aren’t we.

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  3. ladyredspecs says:

    I hear your angst, we’re also having endless delays and multiple lengthy calls with Telstra trying to get connected to NBN but nothing’s happening

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  4. they are the same the world over – we have the same problems with our internet connection here in New Zealand as we are outside the cities. Love your description of that music – I have listened to enough of it…

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  5. We got a letter informing us the day before we left for our holiday that the NBN was in our street and we should look for somebody to connect it.

    We haven’t done anything about it yet, but I know both Telstra and Optus are waaaay down the list.

    Once Bitten Twice Shy

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    • I checked this address on the gov NBN roll-out website and Burpengary isn’t even listed on the next round.
      In fact we haven’t even made it onto a list yet. GRRRRRRR
      Optus and Teltsra GRRRRRR

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