Over the Fence

My back boundary borders a green corridor that runs through the middle of housing estates and serves as a short-cut to the main shopping precinct for walkers and push bike riders.

Chi and I went for a wander late yesterday afternoon and I took the little point and shoot Ixus105 with me for a bit of fun.

Behind my place….

My back fence waiting for me to return with paint and brush. Almost finished.

Back fence to paint

The path takes us to the sports fields.  (click gallery for larger view)

Along the way.    (click gallery for larger view)

I was amused to see a number of different species of birds scrapping over one particular spot in this open drain. My curiosity got the better of me and I went to investigate. Nope, nothing special here that I could make out.

Along the Way 8 bathtime Along the Way 8 bathtime 2 Along the Way 8 bathtime 3


The name Burpengary is an aboriginal name meaning ‘the place of the green wattle tree’.

Back in the day…   Joseph Bancroft purchased land along Burpengary Creek and gradually increased his property purchases, becoming the largest landholder in Deception Bay and Burpengary area.  During his time he made numerous and significant scientific and medical discoveries with his son Thomas (a parasitologist) at Deception Bay.  They did many studies on parasites, native plants, crop development, plant disease and livestock disease.  Mosquitoes were in plentiful supply to assist with the research.  They collected and studied flora and fauna and gave over 1000 plants to the QLD Herbarium, some of which would have come from Burpengary Creek and many species of native trees, plants and insects bear the ‘Bancroft’ name.

And now…  The suburb of Burpengary was initially founded as a large truckstop due to its strategic location on the North Coast Road (now the Bruce Highway) from Brisbane to the North Coast

Burpengary is one of Moreton Bay region’s fastest growing residential areas. Burpengary has been a predominantly blue-collar suburb with a significant proportion of the population directly employed in labouring or trade-related jobs. (Ref Wiki & CREEC)



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6 Responses to Over the Fence

  1. lubkin2013 says:

    Looks beautiful!

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  2. You are so adept at capturing the feeling of places in your photos. 🙂


  3. disperser says:

    That’s a nice area to have as a backyard. I particularly like the absence of bipedal humanoids.

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