Letting Go

…and so we come to the end of another chapter. Settlement finalised last week and my business handed over to the new owner.

How do I feel? Kinda weird actually. Because the process was so drawn out, relief was the first and most overpowering emotion. Now I have had time to process things the relief has passed and concern for the business and the new owner has moved in.

I’ve spent a few hours each day since handover with the new owner going through policies and procedures and transferring subscriptions and contact details. I finished off this afternoon and told her I would not “helicopter” and said my goodbyes metaphorically speaking, as I’ll still be living on-site for a few more weeks.

Now I need to step over the threshold and get on with packing. I also need to stop patting my body down looking for the caretakers keys that have been dangling from my person over the past 7 years.



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