We have been told settlement is scheduled for Friday 19th February. If you have been following along, you will know that there has been a number of hold-ups with the sale of my business. We have had been given settlement dates that have come and gone without a successful outcome due to one thing or another.

I have been stuck in limbo not wanting to move forward in case the whole thing goes to “Kaka”.  No more waiting, I’ve jumped. I have secured a tenant for our apartment and booked the removal company. We are moving out regardless of the outcome of the pending sale.

If we settle, great. If not, I’ll  run the business from Burpengary where I’ll be completing the renovations to the house there.

The next few weeks will be spent packing

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4 Responses to Jump

  1. Best wishes Kristin, Phil

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  2. Good luck, I hope it all goes swimmingly for you

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