To Freak Out or Not To Freak Out

The buyer (refresh yourself here) requested a 30 day extension taking the settlement date to the 1st week in December. Her finance was knocked back so she’s appealing and has a few other brokers on-board to see what they can do with other lending institutions.

There were a few other due diligence issues and it seems like it’s been one thing after another but we have resolved those.

We were expecting to have sold and moved by the 6th November and we are taking some annual leaving mid November for a few weeks. I’ve put the brakes on and have to re-think our plans which will include finding someone to take over my position whilst I’m out of the country. We will make it back just in time for settlement if there are no more extensions.

I think the best thing to do is focus in on the up and coming vacation and forget all this other stuff going on. It’s out of my hands, I’m just along for the ride.



Cloud Lifting

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