Blowing Sh*t Up

There are no boundaries in my fantasies. If I did not have a place to escape to, I would surely go insane.

Holding things in damages you. Letting anger out is good. It’s a good thing because once it’s out, like the puss in a boil, you heal. It’s over, done and dusted.

How do you let anger go?

I can get quite snappy with people. I can’t suffer idiots and frack me, there are enough of them around! I deal with people everyday and over the years have learnt how to curb my “bitchy streak”.

So here’s the thing to do when you get to your breaking point.  Whilst you’re smiling with a twinkle in your eye, nodding your head in agreement, sympathy or other appropriate emotional response for the situation, and responding in a polite, courteous, soothing voice, you’re imagining them in a small rubber dingy with a little hole in it being circled by sharks.

A friend of mine blows people up. Seriously, when she’s pissed off she imagines them exploding in front of her.

I know the whole deal about positive, loving thoughts, bla bla bla, but hell, I’m not the Dalai Lama. I can’t do that shit 24/7. Anyway, once I’ve carved someone up in my imagination I’m over it. I don’t stay angry or annoyed and it’s forgotten in a few minutes.

If you are holding onto something that makes you feel angry or annoyed or hurt, blow that shit up, you don’t need it.

Lightning Snap

Photographs taken from Woody Point, Queensland, Australia


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12 Responses to Blowing Sh*t Up

  1. I totally agree with you. Have the fantasy then move on.


    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for calling in and commenting. It takes a bit to get me riled up but when I’m there it’s an alternative to strangling someone or messing up my day by getting in a “mood” 🙂

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  2. lubkin2013 says:

    You are welcome!


  3. lubkin2013 says:

    We are what we are! I want to blow up rude people! My advice? Keep blowing them up, it’s good for the soul!

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  4. Hi Kristin, good post – let it out/let it go.

    I’m only now letting out anger about some big things that I’ve held in for years, hoping that time would reduce my anger, but it hasn’t.

    And I’m doing it not to ‘get even’ but so that I can move on.

    Also, if you don’t let it out, how can anyone learn from what caused the anger?

    Suppressed anger becomes bitterness and is extremely unhealthy.

    Quite a few years ago I read an article in one of the week-end magazines about an English Buddhist nun who stood up to the Dalai Lama ( I don’t remember her name) and she had clearly pissed him off.

    Christ lost his cool with the money-lenders.

    As far as his father in the old testament is concerned – wow! Arnie’s chicken-feed compared to him!

    None of us are gods and we shouldn’t attempt to be one.

    Your renovations seem to be really steaming ahead – bring on that yacht!

    Best regards, Phil


    • Hi Phil, My adoptive mother had a messy divorce and 20 years later, still as angry, but now bitterness has set in too. She has managed to overcome/control her emotions these past 5 or 6 years but when Dad’s name is mentioned I’m sure I can hear teeth grinding 🙂
      The renovations are (cough) coming along. It seems to be taking for ages. Living off-site and working full time leaves not a great deal off time. It seems by the time I get there, unpack and get organised I’m starving and it’s lunch time. It’s mid-day by the time I get on the tools. Thankfully summer is coming and the days are getting longer.

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  5. elmdriveimages says:



  6. Francis says:

    Good one. There are a few people I’d like to (metaphorically) blow up….

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  7. Siim Land says:

    Haha, might be fun to use our imagination like that. Got to try it.

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