Entertaining the masses

Last weekend the Redcliffe waterfront was the place to be. The Jetty Fiesta is part of the annual Redcliffe Festival that runs for 2 weeks between the 29th August and the 13th September. The Festival is sponsored by the local council and business groups.

Redcliffe Fiesta

I parked at Suttons beach and strolled up towards the Redcliffe Jetty taking these shots along the way.


I was in a “can’t be bovvered” mood so I didn’t stay for the evening’s entertainment. What did I miss?  The free street party featured stage entertainment, spectacular light displays, circus-inspired acts, beach performances, fire-twirling, and neon lights. PLUS the biggest fireworks display ever seen in the Moreton Bay region exploding from the Redcliffe Jetty. “Drats! Wish I stayed now.”


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2 Responses to Entertaining the masses

  1. Yvonne says:

    Drat, indeed. Don’t you hate it when you miss something really grand!


    • I know! It’s usually the things I dread going to where I end up having the most fun and those events that I just about die from anticipation and excitement, turn out a fizzer. C’est la vie 🙂

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