A Productive Weekend

We planned to have a 6 cubic meter skip-bin delivered on Friday and over the weekend load up the piles of builders waste accumulating as the house renovations continue. I spend an hour or so searching the internet for skip-bin hire. There are quite a few around. They all seem to price differently making my job of comparing pricing difficult.
Some priced their bins based on the bins cubic meter size plus weight. Some priced on the bins cubic meter including 1 ton plus $150 per ton after that. Some priced on the bins cubic meter plus 2 ton plus $100 per ton after that plus dump fees. bla bla bla. I found Sunshine Skips pricing simple. The price is based on the bins cubic meter size all-inclusive.

After my initial query via email, I confirmed the booking and sent my details. When the bin had not arrived by 10 am Friday, I called to see what time it would arrive. There had been some sort of mix up. They say they didn’t get my confirmation email so I booked it for delivery Saturday. I checked my email when I got back home to Woody Point and it’s in my sent folder so I re-sent it to let them know in case there is a problem with their email server.
No big deal, we spend Friday dismantling the chook pen. What a job. Those star pickets just didn’t want to come out. At one stage I said “we should google how to remove star pickets because I’m sure we are doing it wrong”.
The small bird aviary used once to house the chickens came down easily enough. It was sitting under the mango tree on 6 large concrete 800 x 800 tiles that we broke up. The 10 x 20 garden shed has also been cleaned out and there is a large room/teenage retreat at the back of the big shed that we pulled the carpet out of, cleaned and will use it to stored the things we are keeping.

Yard 1
The kitchen we pulled out has been re-assembled in the garage and I put it on ebay. Starting bid is $200. This also includes the working stove, so not a bad deal for the buyer. MM (My Man) has numbered everything to make installation easier for the buyer.

Saturday morning the skip was delivered. We got stuck into it and had it full by 4pm.

Skip 2
I had telephoned G (ex husband) earlier in the week to see if he wanted any of the stuff I was getting rid of. He lives on the family’s farm and materials like these are always welcome. He called in and took away 2 trailer loads of pavers, sleepers and pieces of the bird aviary.

Picture – Old pavers removed. I plan to remove the garden bed and concrete the area.

Today we lopped trees and took another trailer load to the dump. I have muscle burn and my scratched up arms look like I’ve been wrestling a tiger. This was a very productive weekend.

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