Children’s Domain

There’s some really cool stuff around for children’s entertainment and education. The Queensland Museum and Science Centre  in Brisbane is currently exhibiting the Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous

To infiltrate this domain full of children, mothers, fathers and teachers to take photographs requires you take along a child so as not to stand out. The child will also help you gain access to otherwise restricted areas. I find my preferred companion be one that has not learnt to walk. This reduces the need to chase it around and god forbid, lose it. Also I prefer one that has not learnt to talk. This reduces the chance of fatigue and migraine at the end of the day.


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6 Responses to Children’s Domain

  1. 😀 it must be fun – good exercise for chasing the runners 😀 nice images!!


  2. my little one likes the photos too….nice.


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