A punt on the dunny

SPORTSBET ADVERTISEMENT: Havin’ a punt on the dunny.

Punt meaning;  Bet or speculate on something (Ref)

Dunny meaning; Dunny or dunny can is Australian slang for toilet, either the room or the specific fixture, especially an outhouse or other outdoor toilets. It is often used to specify a distinction between a flushing toilet and a non-flushing toilet (e.g., a longdrop or thunderbox). First used in print in 1952, the word is believed to be derived from the much older ‘dunnakin’ (also spelled ‘dunnigin’ and ‘dunegan’)[1] meaning privy. (Ref Wikipedia)

We’re taking a punt and have the business and our apartment for sale. The agents have 3 months to make the sale. We can sell the business and apartment together or separately. The business and unit are being sold by RAAS and the apartment is also listed with Ray White. If we haven’t sold we will continue on and try again in 12-24 months.

I really love working and living here and it’s a very hard decision but we can’t move forward sitting in one place. This is another stepping stone towards the end goal. There has to be an end goal or what’s the point? When the end goal seems so far away and at times unattainable, its easy to settle for less. It’s easy to become comfortable and lose sight of the end goal. The end goal becomes hard work and dimmers in the distance. At times the choices needed to be made to get you to where you want to be are not pleasant. A bit like needing to cross a croc infested river or go around through the hippopotamus’ swamp to get to point b. My choice is hardly as dramatic, however it will see me moving back to the “burbs” for a while. The thought of moving away from the water even for a while is not pleasing. Keeping sight of the reason why I’m where I am and where I am going will be important.

In anticipation of a change, I have been clearing out my junk. I’ve passed on about 5 boxes of ornaments and kitchen items to my kids, I have 1 box of items for charity and another for ebay. I’ve only done the lounge and kitchen! Next is our bedroom. We are going to be ruthless and condense down. One handbag not 8. Shoes = 1 jogger, 1 casual, 1 evening winter, 1 evening summer, 1 riding boots. I’ve got small feet, my girls don’t fit my shoes. I hope the charity store will have room for all the ones I wont be keeping. If we don’t sell this time around it wont matter. I wont need it when I get to where I’m going.


Standing Still

Chi 3


Standing Still


My Beach

Have a wonderful weekend

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