The timber fence around the property at Burpengary is looking shabby and in need of some paint. I managed to get in an hour of painting in this afternoon before a sprinkle of rain talked me into packing up early.

Distracted stirring the paint



Painting 6



Painting 7

My neighbours fence

Painting 8My fence

Painting 9Just saying…… Dude, your yard needs attention!



We are in the middle of negotiations with a couple of kitchen/cabinet makers. The plans have been drawn up and we are considering the following.

Option 1. Purchase entire kitchen which will include cupboards, draws and overhead cupboards which are to be supplied flat packed and we will install. Sink, dishwasher, oven, cook top, range-hood, stone bench-top including installation, glass or stone splash-back including installation. Supplier to coordinate deliveries and work. Does not allow for plumbing (if required) Electrician (if required).

Option 2. Purchase components individually and coordinate deliveries and work ourselves. Sourced Cabinet Maker for kitchen cupboards, draws and overheads to be supplied flat packed and will be installed ourselves. Sourced Stone Mason for bench-top and splash-back. Sourced glass maker for splash-back in case we go this way. Sourced white-goods. Does not allow for plumbing (if required) Electrician (if required)

Option 1 will cost roughly $1,500.00 more than option 2.

Back to the kitchen supply company offering option 1 to see if we can negotiate further.

Pulling out the old kitchen



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    Really enjoyed this post. i have been painting with my new job as a carpenter’s apprentice and really enjoying it. He is 68 and l am 61 so great fun. Also added your post to magazine and will set you up a mag and share on the new site just revamped at called Ace World & International Magazine News.


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