Queens Birthday Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend here in Australia. The Queen’s Birthday is observed on the second Monday of June in most of Australia. Schools, post offices, and other organizations are closed in most parts of Australia, except Western Australia.

Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the official head of state is the Monarch of the Realms. This is currently Queen Elizabeth II. She is also the head of state of many other countries and territories, including Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada and New Zealand. She was born on April 21, 1926, although her official birthday is celebrated on a range of dates in the different countries of the Commonwealth of Nations. (ref)

Working for myself, I tend to forget holiday dates. I’ve booked 2 appointments for Monday. “Dammit!”

These photographs were taken this morning as the moon was going down in the west.

Moon 1 Moon 2 Moon 3


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6 Responses to Queens Birthday Long Weekend

  1. 🙂 in the Netherlands we celebrate the King’s birthday on his exact birthday – funny that his birthday is similar to our niece’s birthday – so double parties 🙂
    Nice images 🙂


  2. Not that I would get it off anyway, but I wonder why we never get the President’s birthday off in the States? That’s what we get for giving up on the monarchy…


    • As an employee you would be entitle to penalty rates if you did work on a public holiday here. Double pay! The service industry ie restaurants, coffee shops, takeaway joints like McDonalds (Maccas as we call them here) charge customers a 10% or 15% fee on public holidays to help cover wages. As a customer, I certainly don’t mind paying the fee as I feel the employees are more than entitled to extra wages for working the day. (no tipping here)


      • Hmmmm, that’s an interesting policy and one I don’t believe I was ever aware of. Obviously, it is totally at the discretion of individual companies how they decide to pay their employees on holidays, and most service and retail places here are open for all but the big big big ones. As for my employer, we have the odd policy of getting an extra day’s pay for the six holidays it recognizes whether we actually work the holiday or not. Of course, we wouldn’t be getting paid for the Queen’s birthday, since I don’t think it would fall among the pantheon of paid holidays Mecca chooses to recognize (Like President’s Day, Columbus Day, MLK Day, etc…)

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