Fog can be considered a type of low-lying cloud, and is heavily influenced by nearby bodies of water, topography, wind conditions, and even human activities.

Infra-red cooling of a cloud-free, humid air mass at night can lead to fog formation – this is called “radiation fog”. Radiation fog is most common in Autumn, when nights get longer, air masses begin to cool, and land and water surfaces that have warmed up during the summer are still evaporating a lot of water into the atmosphere.

Foggy Morning 1


These photographs were taken at Woody Point, Queensland, Australia last week.

Foggy Morning 2 Foggy Morning 3


Local school children out for an early morning paddle in Bramble Bay.

Foggy Morning 4 Foggy Morning 5 Foggy Morning 6


Photographs of the Redcliffe Jetty, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.

Foggy Morning 7 Foggy Morning 8

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13 Responses to Fog

  1. Bee says:

    Fog is beautiful these are beautiful.


  2. Wonderful shots.


  3. Aditix says:

    Very nice pictures of foggy landscapes. 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Added your latest post and write up here Ian 💕


  5. Pieter Navis says:

    Very lovely shots.. i especially like the first and the last one.. fog can alter perception profoundly 🙂


  6. ekpreston says:

    Ooo, I really like all the dock pictures. They’re simultaneously eerie and beautiful.


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