Jolted into a scene my mind struggled to comprehend

The pain that felt like my spine had explode thrust me into this place. It was dark, there is a silhouette like a structure pole in front of me to the left.Ā  There were other people around me but in the darkness I could not see them. The atmosphere felt like I was in a war or battle. I felt as if I was inside not out in the open, yet I could not sense any walls. This was all my mind could process for almost instantly I received another excruciating pain in the right side of my back around my kidney. My mind asked if I had been stabbed. I knew I was dying. Jolted awake by the pain, I lay there.

I awoke in a dream
I didn’t know it was a dream until I awoke

I don’t usually dream. I sleep lightly. Gee, if that’s what dreaming when your asleep is like I’m glad I don’t usually dream.

My awake dream is to jump off the grid. The goal is to live on a boat. Use a local Marina for the first 2 years while we cut our teeth on small trips at first, up and down the Australian coastline extending further north and south. Then off island hopping to the east and anywhere else we find ourselves.

Scarborough Marina 1 Scarborough Marina 3 Scarborough Marina 4 Scarborough Marina 6 Shag 2

MM shakes his head when he looks at all the crap I have. “How will you ever downsize and cope with living on a boat?” “I don’t know” I say smiling back. “I just will.” “But you have 3 kinds of shampoo and three kinds of conditioner in the shower. That’s 6 bottles! You know you can only have one shampoo and one conditioner on the boat and they have to be put away in a cupboard when you’re not using them?” “Yeah babe, it wont be a problem” I reply.


Boating 6 Boating 4 Boating 5 Boating 3 DSCF6206 Boating 2




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12 Responses to Jolted into a scene my mind struggled to comprehend

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  2. I like your dream. I am sure you can deal with decluttering and downsizing. Geez three different shampoos and conditioners…


  3. suzjones says:

    Sounds like an awesome dream for you. Not for me though – I have this thing about deep water and small boats. lol
    Nice writing and photos. šŸ™‚


  4. Beaut post, great pictures šŸ™‚


  5. Experimental Ghost says:

    I think most people reach a point in their life when they say, “You know what? I’ve had this”, and make some significant change in their life. I’m there now, but the time isn’t quite right for me.

    Your dream will pan out some day, as will mine. In the mean time, I guess we’ll just keep playing the game as best we can.

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    • Like you I’m ready now but the time is not right. It’s great to have the dream to aim towards but I’m determined to ensure that waiting for the right time doesn’t prevent me from reaching that dream. Too many things crop up. We have kids & raise them. They have kids & we want to be around to help. Our parents get old & we want to be around to help. Next thing u know , your dribbling into a bib at the old folks home and missed your chance. I don’t know when I’ll get there but day by day I inch closer to the edge, ready to take the jump.

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    Nice post added to magazine as well !

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