Motorcycle Awareness Month: Sun’s Out, Guns out versus ATGATT

Moto Adventurer

For most of us “motorcyclists”, we’re well into the riding season at this point; old man winter held his grip for as long as he could, but it was 80 plus degrees most of last week. Apparently May is Motorcycle Awareness Month; truth be told, I had no idea until I saw MEMEs and taglines from various social media outlets. Considering that in recent days more than one of my friends has been involved in a motorcycle accident (with dissimilar results), I’ve stepped up my game about safety gear and on-road vigilance.

Coincidentally, I find people watching to be entertaining, and occasionally thought provoking. If I haven’t mentioned before, I find the “Helmet, shorts, and flip-flop” crowd to be an fascinating group. Without a doubt, the helmet is probably THE most important part of safety gear, but I beg to question, why stop there?

To avoid pontificating from my “high…

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2 Responses to Motorcycle Awareness Month: Sun’s Out, Guns out versus ATGATT

  1. disperser says:

    I’d be a lot more sympathetic toward bikers were it not for two things: one, many like very loud bikes, and two many, many, many are absolute jerks on the road.


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