Contain Yourself

Reading your partner’s mood and knowing which buttons do what and when and how hard you can push them and when to leave them the frig alone, certainly can avoid unnecessary arguments and or hurt feelings.
I tend to be the tease. I love having a poke (no…not that kind of poke, well maybe but we will leave that post for another day) and I enjoy getting teased back. I also love a good strong healthy debate.
MM on the other hand is a little more delicate. I’d go as far as to call him precious at times. We are chalk and cheese when it comes to emotions. I don’t tend to get riled up over things where he can get quite fractious.
So having said that, he’s easy to read. I know what mood he is in and I know how far I can push and when to avoid him at all cost.
I enjoy watching the footy with MM. We usually barrack for the same teams except when the Kiwis play the Aussies. On Sunday the Aussies played against the Kiwis in the Anzac Rugby League Test Match.
New Zealand and Australia played the Trans-Tasman Test at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane. It was New Zealand’s first mid-season triumph since 1998 but it was their third straight victory over the Kangaroos following their Four Nations success last year.
My squeals of delight and fist pumping when NZ scored were tolerated until about half time. MM’s frustration was obvious so I toned things down and kept my squealing to a muffled chirping and fist pumping behind my back.

Container ship

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  1. Thanks for calling in Nancy. Have a wonderful week😄


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