Mercy Campaign

I’ve never considered myself the “bleeding heart type”. I would have no hesitation in pulling the trigger if a convicted ‘pedo’ or child killer were standing in front of me.

I joined the mercy campaign in support of the two Australian guys Andrew and Myuran due to be executed tonight in Indonesia because I know when you’re young, you do dumb things. Do the crime, do the time. But to execute these guys is wrong. I don’t believe this will deter other young foolish people from taking, buying or smuggling drugs in Indonesia. When you’re young and full of yourself, you have a “wont happen to me” mentality.

I understand that the drugs they smuggled harm and kill. But where is Mr Big? Where is the person at the top? Sitting in his penthouse overlooking Sydney harbor with a cigar in his mouth and a lap-dancer on his d*ck.

Now would be a good time to beam them up Scotty



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4 Responses to Mercy Campaign

  1. lubkin2013 says:

    Quite right. It’s always the small fish that get caught in the net!

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  2. I regret that Joko Widodo for showing no mercy towards the inmates who changed and tried their best to be better persons. I am so sorry and I feel ashamed for having him as president. I will not vote this kind of politician. I am an Indonesian and I am strongly against death penalty. And I agree with you the death penalty is not the answer to drugs problems.

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    • Hi Indah, I apologize for the anger we feel, but our hearts are heavy today. Most Indonesian people are a sweet caring lot and I hope they understand our anger is not a personal attack on them. We hope that our reaction will highlight Widodo’s weakness and he will loose the support of his people. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Love to you and your family xx

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      • I understand completely how majority Australians feel. I am angry too. And frustrated with Jokowi’s government and some Indonesians who support the death penalty. Unfortunately, Indonesians who disagree with the death penalty are minority 😦 but we will keep voicing our disagreement to this barbaric punishment. Be strong and we are in this together 🙂 hugs, Indah

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