Brahminy Kite

The Brahminy Kite is a coastal bird, particularly around mangrove swamps and estuaries but can sometimes be seen over forests and along rivers. It feeds on carrion, insects and fish swooping low over water, ground or tree tops and snatching its prey. It also steals from fish-hunting birds, snatching prey in flight. Its nest is built in living trees near water, often mangrove trees, is large, made from sticks, seaweed or driftwood and lined with a variety of materials such as lichens, bones, seaweed and even paper. (ref Osprey House)


This guy was enjoying the windy conditions over Bramble Bay at Woody Point, Queensland, Australia this morning.



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7 Responses to Brahminy Kite

  1. Wonderful photo of the Kite!


  2. Reblogged this on Ace Friends News and commented:
    Really nice post as usual and just love seeing birds in flight. Take Care Ian.

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  3. Those are attractive colors on the underside of the kite.

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    • The colours are attractive Steve. I love the dark tips on the edges of the wings. This guy hovered for ages. I was so happy he stayed long enough for me to get my camera.


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