Behind The Wall

The bathroom renovation is coming along nicely. The bath is out and half the wall is down. Rather than pulling all the wall tiles off I pulled the corner tiles off then cut away the silicone around the bath and cut the villaboard removing it with the old tiles still attached.

A surprise waiting for me behind the wall. I wonder if this guy is a descendant of one of my children’s pet rats? Glade to see the baits are working.



We had some Everdure left over from working on a boat we owned so used it on the timber wall frame in the laundry. Everdure is a high performance two-part epoxy timber sealer which effectively seals out dry rot and densifies the timber.


The rubble pile is growing, it will be time to bring in a skip-bin soon.

Rubble pile 2



Enjoy your weekend….

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2 Responses to Behind The Wall

  1. Well done you!
    It was hard enough doing a bathroom renovation about five years ago, when others did the real work!

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    • Thanks Margaret, it’s a challenge but as each item is being checked off the sense of achievement is awesome. Muscle weary, but awesome😁 I’m at the ripping down stage and really looking forward to getting prepped for the tiler


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