A Shitty Day

The Redcliffe area’s sewage system could not cope with the influx of storm water and backed-up yesterday during the bad weather. Man hole covers in the streets have been raised by the back-flow and sewage is bubbling out into the parks and streets.


The grease trap that services the shops on our ground level has failed and sewage and grease trap liquid waste is flooding our lower level car parks. I’ve had 2 officials out taking photos and doing a report. I’m still waiting for Unity Waters maintenance crew. I had to close the shops this afternoon. I have very angry restaurant tenants at the moment, (especially the fish and chip shop as this is their busiest night of the week) residents storage cages full of personal items damaged and the place stinks like – I can’t even find the words but its disgusting. The air is so thick in the car-parks the smell permeates your skin and hair. Nice huh


Warning; toilet humour

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18 Responses to A Shitty Day

  1. disperser says:

    Well, I can’t really hit like, and the word you are looking for is “stinky-poo”.


  2. elmediat says:

    Well that was different. Hope things approach normal quickly a s possible. Dare I say, this too shall pass ? πŸ™‚

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  3. suzjones says:

    Ugh. What a dilemma.

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    • No biggie when I see the pictures starting to come through the media of the houses ripped apart up north. Poor buggers… (note to non-Australians reading this conversation; bugger can be use as an insult. However, when referring to someone you know or empathise with, the term “poor bugger” is a sympathetic reference)

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  4. Hi Kristin,

    Your post is a real shocker!

    I used to drive cabs in Sydney and there was a garage at the end of the city that all the cabbies used, both to fill up at and (while refilling) to relieve themselves. (Where is this story going?)

    Not only did the cabbies relieve themselves there but so did every late-Friday-and-Saturday-night-booze-and-drug-filled-desperado. + some REALLY unusual people. End result up to this point – the toilets were in a very ‘sad state of repair.’ Graffiti covered the walls of every cubicle.

    The sort you can’t make head or tail of.

    So, after years of this, the management of the garage got a bright idea – paint the walls of the toilet and cubicles in very dark blue enamel paint.

    The graffiti geniuses got a brighter idea – get REALLY creative with the loud colours.

    So one afternoon I went into the toilets and, looking into one of the cubicles as I entered, saw faecal matter blasted on the walls of the cubicle. You wouldn’t believe a human could do this.

    The person had totally missed the toilet – then left.

    Turning nauseated to the trough I saw, to my utter horror and amazement that it was full to the brim with a glowing hay-coloured liquid. It was completely blocked with toilet paper.

    What does toilet paper have to do with a urinal?

    My throat going into involuntary spasms, I wanted action.

    So I photographed both the offending (I choose the description carefully) cubicle and the trough and stuck a photo of each onto the bottom of an A4 sheet which I then printed off (using the largest, most appropriate, and appropriately coloured font possible) as movie posters.

    On one I had ‘The Creature from the Brown Lagoon’, on the other ‘On Golden Ponds’.

    I put them, with a short covering letter, into an envelope and sent it to the Ministry of Transport.

    I never heard (or received) a word on the matter, but a few days later the door of that toilet was locked and it remained locked for months.

    Drivers and all the good citizens of Sydney could look elsewhere for a place to relieve themselves.


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  5. Ouch. So sorry.

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  6. kiwiskan says:

    hope it’s sorted soon

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    • I had the mess cleaned up with the sucker truck and a cleaning crew through with disinfectant and having the retail shops grease trap manually emptied until the council sewage pipes can be pumped into again. I was told to expect the system to clear by Tuesday if no rain. We haven’t had any more rain so tomorrow I will get the system back on-line and see what happens. πŸ™‚ Now the car park smells like bubble-gum pooh after the cleaners used bubble gum smelling disinfectant. I’ve run the big extractor fans in the lower levels so the area should dry quickly and the smell dissipate over the next day or so.

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  7. scifihammy says:

    Sounds absolutely awful 😦


  8. ekpreston says:

    Oh good gosh. If Dante had known about backed-up sewage, then he would have included it in one of his seven circles of Hell.

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