I can’t stand the rain




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10 Responses to I can’t stand the rain

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  2. AndrewGills says:

    I hate it too. Especially because it was raining inside our house because our landlord won’t fix the roof. Mind you … The rain day did result in my cleaning the whole house top to bottom … Something that hasn’t been done in a while.

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    • Leaking roof 😦 not good. I hope your landlord is getting it looked at and fixed asap. You may need to put your foot down and tell them you’ll claim a deduction in rent until it’s rectified, to speed things up.


      • AndrewGills says:

        Oh can you deduct it from rent? He apparently sent a plumber to do some banging on the roof yesterday while I am away. The landlord is just waiting for a buyer for the block of land and has us on a month-to-month lease. We like the location but if the roof keeps leaking there are plenty of newer flats in the area for the same rent as we’re paying on this place


  3. suzjones says:

    I hope you didn’t get the severe storm this morning. It missed us and blew out to sea thank goodness. Yes, there’s been some rain.
    My son spotted a snake in our garden the other day (we didn’t catch it though) and I said to the Garden Gnome “I wonder if he’s going to higher ground”? The GG then told me about a turtle he had seen crossing the road away from a swamp and up to higher ground. It was then we were thinking that the weather this weekend might get a little wet. lol


    • We didn’t get any destructive winds here either Sue. Lots of rain though. Unity waters sewage system failed in the conditions and we’ve had back-flow issues but only minor inconveniences compared to the poor people copped the worst of this weather system. Ah yes, well that explains all the ants seeking high ground too. 🙂

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  4. zbigniewsieraj says:

    Reblogged this on zbigniewsieraj.


  5. elmediat says:

    Rain is hard, until you face the snow. Canadian Ice cream Koan. 😀


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