Cyclone Marcia

Cyclone Marcia made landfall as a category 5 cyclone and left a trail of destruction over Yeppoon and Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia.

The cyclone was at category 5 when it grazed Yeppoon battering the coastal town with 285km/h winds. It was downgraded to category 3 when it hit Rockhampton.

The weather system weakened followed the coast south crossing over Brisbane today. There was no reported damage in the Redcliffe area however Unity Water’s sewage system could not cope with the influx of water and back-flow issues are still being experienced.

Council officials had the numerous jetties in our area closed in case of storm surge.



Brisbane City tonight and the tail end of Cyclone Marcia

Brisbane City

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10 Responses to Cyclone Marcia

  1. elmediat says:

    Well no wonder you couldn’t stand the rain in your previous post. Glad you made it through. It seems as if more extreme weather events are occurring or else the new media technology is making it all more immediate.


  2. Reblogged this on ' Ace Chat News ' and commented:
    Sounds like you had a really rough time – hope everything is getting better for you. Please note our New World News Post and Site you can visit and post your local or world news snippets here:


  3. Cat 5, wow! Hope you guys are doing OK down there!!!

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    • The cyclone crossed land further north to where we are. There are some people up there who have lost their homes. The cyclone lost momentum and petered out into a heavy weather system by the time it reached us. With respect to those who have been adversely affected, we needed the rain down here and everything looks green and fresh today.


  4. Yvonne says:

    And now, people have to try to pick up the threads of their lives again. It must be so tough.


  5. Boeta says:

    Looks and sounds rough, 285 km wind….

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