OMG it’s Friday! I’ve read it before and I’ve heard people talk about it. The sensation of time speeding up. I feel like Day and Night are coming around mighty quickly these days. The earth’s spinning so fast I’m going to be flung off into Deep Space.

Time to stop and take some pictures

Illusion – what are you seeing? The pictures below have been straightened (my horizon was a little off) and my watermark added. No other editing has been done.


I will get to the answer in a minute. In the meantime here are some pictures I took this evening at Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.


Sending the weather report back to the TV station


Gary Youngberry – Channel 9 weatherman – Who you talking to Gary?

Garry Youngberry


The photographer’s pose –   At Woody Point this evening.

Taking Pictures



And a little music to fill in some time from Ray. There are a few versions of this song on youtube. I think I like this one best. I love music but I’m not a purest. I love “live” music. I like it raw. It’s not just about the notes. It’s about what these guys have…and I can’t find a word to express myself so I will leave it at that.







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12 Responses to Illusion

  1. suzjones says:

    You’ve been having some fun in photoshop I see lol
    We always laugh at Paul Burt doing the weather reports for Channel 7 and the kids that often huddle around him. Funny that you saw the Channel 9 guy doing his report. 🙂


    • They do the nightly weather from Woody Point/Redcliffe area every few months. Nice to see our area getting a bit of free air time. Pictures are not photo shopped, its just the illusion from the kite flying in front of me 😃

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  2. What a fun series! I like the kite and the illusion result! Have a great weekend!

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  3. Yvonne says:

    I want a kite! (Stamping foot.)

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  4. Yvonne says:

    Totally fun! Good on ya for being at the right place, right time for the illusion!

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    • Thanks Yvonne, As soon as I saw the kite from my angle, I knew once it got up in the air the shot would look like it was on the water. It was an added bonus when it flew lower it appeared to be on the shelter roof.

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