Project 2015

I got a bank loan and purchased my ex husband’s half of our family home during our property settlement some years ago. My oldest daughter has been living here and has now purchased her own home and moved out.

There are still a few of my daughter’s belongings scattered around but the house is pretty much empty and the yard overgrown.

I spent some time there this week wandering around taking notes on what needs to be done to freshen it up and rent it out.

The first thing I need to do is get the yard under control so I can see the property and examine the fences. Mow, whipper snip, weed-kill.

The House

Full renovation required for Main Bathroom, Toilet, Ensuite and Laundry. This will include removal of; shower screens and floor trays, the bath, the cupboards, hand basins, toilets, floor and wall tiles and replace with new.

  • Re-paint all  living areas and ceiling in 3rd bedroom.
  • Replace kitchen cupboard doors with new and remove bench top and replace with granite top.
  • Replace dishwasher with new.
  • Replace current floor covering with new tiles throughout the house except bedrooms and lounge area which have relatively new carpet already down.
  • Replace all window coverings with new blinds or curtains.

The Yard

As well as a garden shed there is a massive 4 car Titan shed on the block with a large concrete slab at the back of that.  If I have any energy left after the work above I would like to extend the concrete slab at the back of the shed and put up a granny flat and fence off that area of the block which will give me 2 separate properties.

In the near future I would like to sell my business and live aboard a boat. I would need storage so the above would be a perfect solution and also give me a land base. In the meantime I could rent out both the house and the granny flat. I’m still working the finer details out in my head.

This is the house I raised my children in and I had very mixed emotions wandering around. I found it difficult to stay focused and motivated and left in a rather pensive mood.

A friend of ours carved this statue with a chain saw which has sat here in my garden watching the comings and goings of my children for their entire lives.




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3 Responses to Project 2015

  1. The garden looks huge ! so much potential 🙂

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    • Unfortunately I will need to take out all but the trees already there and grass the area. The tenants can put in a veggie garden if they want but generally tenants don’t look after gardens very well and it doesn’t take long for them to look shabby.


      • hmm yeah, it depends. I created a flower garden in the flat I’m currently renting, even if I’m planning to stay there only for 1 year. If the tenant is passionate about gardening, you may have a chance 🙂 But you are right, most of the time, they don’t give a shit.

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