The Palace Hotel

There has been a hotel on the site of the present day Filmers Hotel since 1883 when “The Great Western” was opened on May 24 1883.

Filmer’s Palace Hotel is often referred to as the hotel where the Bee Gees sang and holds fond memories for many day trippers, holiday makers and Redcliffe residents alike.

A fire in the kitchen on Wednesday,  July 3rd, 2013 closed the doors and the hotel has been sitting vacant until now. (Ref)

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The Palace Hotel


The Palace Hotel


Video taken today

The Palace 2


Black and White

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15 Responses to The Palace Hotel

  1. suzjones says:

    I think it is so sad when so many parts of our history are torn down or stripped away to make place for newer (but not always better). I see it even in our little town.

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    • Each day I pass the construction site, I take a picture with my phone that I will post at a later date. The land value must be worth more to the owner than restoration. Such a shame 😦

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      • suzjones says:

        These days it is more about money than it is about history. Although we don’t know. It may cost far too much money to bring the building back to the standard that it should and it is cheaper to demolish.


  2. Lynn Millar says:

    I love the extravagant name. Sorry you’ll be out that regular place. They are important.


    • I guess the era of going to the “local” has truly passed. Drink driving regulations and noise regulations placed on hotels that find themselves now surrounded by residential homes or apartments have seen patron numbers drop. Thanks for your comments Lynn 🙂

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  3. Just loved this post and featured it here hope you like it Ian:



  5. AndrewGills says:

    I was wondering why the Palace was in such bad shape. I cycle past on my daily 30km ride. Always funny to see your local area making it in blogging land


  6. Hi Kristin, thanks and all the best to you for this time and I hope you have a particularly photographically productive New Year. Filippo


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