Between the Gayunda Wreck and Scotts Point you will find this pretty little beach. If you look on google maps nothing much shows up, but here you will find a car park, BBQs, green grassy parklands, wooded areas and the Gayunda arboretum

I walk Chi around this area most days. It’s my favourite place on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. I can spend hours taking pictures down here with so many interesting subjects to capture. How many photographs can I take of the same set of stairs? I haven’t tired yet.

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Most weekdays we have the place to ourselves. The beach doesn’t appear to have a name so I call it My Beach.



Through the years I have learned
Some things worth the tellin’
And you’d be right in guessin’
That each and every lesson they were hard won (ref)


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13 Responses to THE BEACH WITH NO NAME

  1. Lovely pics !!! Gorgeous.


  2. The beach looks very inviting 🙂


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  4. Beautiful photos! I would love walking on this beach with no name every day 🙂


  5. AndrewGills says:

    Nice post. It makes em look forward to my month at home for Christmas. I live at Redcliffe so will take a walk down to the beach with no name when I am back.


  6. Reblogged this on Ace Friends News 2014 and commented:
    #AceFriendsNews – Beach with no Name.


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