Bring It On Home

We are almost there… one more sleep until Friday. How is your week so far?

This storm cell passes over Bramble Bay, Woody Point, Queensland, Australia this afternoon. We were lucky. No damage here but we did get some small hail. Other areas in Brisbane were not so lucky.




Three more days
Girl you know I will be right there by your side, baby
Three more days
Girl you know I will be right there by your side, baby (ref)



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9 Responses to Bring It On Home

  1. Oh my! Glad to hear the updates. I hope it will clear up soon – in Australian and the Philippines. My thoughts with you!
    and beautiful photos, I can see how powerful the nature could be!


    • I was really surprised when I turned on the news this morning to hear about all the damage in Brisbane City. It looked wild but we didn’t get the damaging winds here. Some apartment blocks and houses lost their roofs in Brisbane. Thanks for your kind thoughts Indah 🙂

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  2. Joan Mae says:

    Same here in the Philippines. Right now we’re experiencing a typhoon named Queenie. Keep safe everyone.

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  3. Beautiful! I’m glad you had no damage done. Phil

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    • Thanks Phil. We did dodge this one. We were not so lucky last week when a storm ripped through. Many residents in our building lost or had damage to their outdoor furniture from their balconies. We also had the underground car park partly flood with sewage.. eeek. The sewage pump station in our local area failed causing back-flow through the whole system. The hotel next door to us had their cellar inundated and they spent about 2 hours pumping the sludge out.


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