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2 Responses to Frilly

  1. I really like those lizards (the one in your photo is a beauty). The girl next door has two. She lives on the 2nd floor of her block of flats. One of her lizards (they are both precious to her) wandered off the edge of her balcony…Oops!… Would you believe it, the guy in the flat below hers has an opened, tilted umbrella on his balcony (what would be the chances of that?) and the lizard landed on it, which was enough to break its fall. I found the lizard wandering around (at first, when I saw it from a distance, I thought it was a K-Mart toy) and, after a saga (because at that stage I didn’t know her) reunited the girl with her bearded dragon. I had the lizard for a couple of days while I waited for whoever was the owner to stick a ‘lost’ notice on telegraph poles (which she did), and I became very attached to it. Filippo del mondo


    • These guys were scattered every few meters along the walking track. Quite used to all the human traffic some won’t move off the path and we had to walk around them. Love your story about your neighbour. That’s one lucky lizard.


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