Stickybeaking or Reporting News?

Where is the line between being a sticky-beak and playing wanna be journalist and writing an interesting article for my blog?

Today at Redcliffe Lagoon a young child nearly drowned. The lifeguard cleared the main pool of swimmers.

I was standing at the rear of the ambulance when the paramedics wheeled the stretcher past me. Laying with her son curled up on her chest, Mum, wide-eyed and panic-stricken, repeated the words ” I don’t think he was under for long”.

I had already taken the photos of the empty (of swimmers) pool and the ambulances with my phone. Standing there watching the paramedics load the stretcher into the back of the ambulance, I thought to myself Ā “That would make a great shot”. I just didn’t feel right about taking it though. I didn’t take the shot because I know if I was having a tragedy or near tragedy and someone starting snapping, I would most likely grab their phone and shove it right up their *@#

Redcliffe Lagoon Ambulance

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9 Responses to Stickybeaking or Reporting News?

  1. drdblogs says:

    I’m with you on that. Had a similar thing happen up in Brisbane last year.

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    • Thanks Dr D šŸ™‚ I was just asking someone this afternoon if they knew if South Bank had the same problem.


      • drdblogs says:

        Yes. It was a very crowed pool and no one noticed the kid wasn’t there. Paramedics were called. My mate is a surf lifesaver and went to help. It was pretty horrible. I don’t know the outcome as I was only visiting but it didn’t look good. That water was only about 3 feet deep.


  2. Good choice. I hope the kid is ok.

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    • Thanks. The wee boy looked ok. He was looking around and seemed quite coherent. Probably got more of a fright than anything. Unfortunately, it’s the second incident at the lagoon in the past fortnight. Summer isn’t even here yet! You just can’t take you eyes off the little ones for a second. I think you need 2 x adults to supervise one young child around water. Parents relying on 1 lifeguard to look out for 20 to 50 kids are fooling themselves.


  3. kiwiskan says:

    I’m glad you didn’t take that photo – I’d hate someone to intrude on such an awful moment


    • Nothing makes me grit my teeth more than seeing a news report where something tragic has occurred and the stupid reporter shoves a microphone in the victims face and asks them how they feel. You right, it is extremely intrusive and insensitive. Thanks for your comment šŸ™‚


  4. Experimental Ghost says:

    It’s a fine line. I think you made the right choice


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