Off for some socialising at Kroll Gardens on the corner of Duffield Road and Snook Street Clontarf Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia. 5 acres of parkland where your pooch can run off some excess energy and socialise with other dogs. This is a designated off-leash fully fenced park. Plenty of shade trees, grass and an obstacle course of ramps, tyres and cement tunnels. Toilets and seating provided for humans.


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4 Responses to Off-Leash

  1. suzjones says:

    Nice shot of the Bunya Pine against the blue of the sky. I like that there is a fully enclosed off-leash park for dogs. There isn’t too many of them around.


    • We are lucky here. The Redcliffe Peninsula has 2 and there is also one across the bridge in Sandgate that’s fenced with play equipment. The foreshore from Woody Point to Clontarf beach is also off-leash as well as some spots at Redcliffe and Scarborough. Thanks for taking time to call past Suz 🙂

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