Drowning in Photographs

I spent some time transferring photographs onto an external hard-drive and backing that up onto another. I’ve got so many photographs its ridiculous. I’ve got some major sorting to do. What a daunting thought.

I have purchased quite a few magazines such as Australian Photography and Digital Camera World. Not only are they handy to pick up and read whilst having breakfast or a coffee break but they look good on the coffee table as well.

I do very little editing as I’m still learning my way around Photoshop Elements 12 but hope to find some spare time soon to put all this information I have gathered to practice.

Here are a few photographs that caught my eye when I was transferring them.

Bramble Bay

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11 Responses to Drowning in Photographs

  1. suzjones says:

    Every so often I go through my photos and I find one that I think “Wow. I forgot I took that.” lol
    Lovely images you’ve found there.


  2. taj-akoben says:

    Ditto Margaret. That sunset is amazing! You set up the picture well.


  3. Stunning images 🙂 The first one is really special!


  4. I delete only images that are unusable – focus errors or exposure problems that I can’t handle. I am beginning to find uses for some unremarkable images going back three or four decades. In fact, I am still going through old transparencies and negatives and scanning and logging them.


  5. Francis says:

    It’s crazy about the nuber of photos we seem to get. I accumulated more last month than I did in the first thirty years of my life! I’m sure you chose the right ones to keep.


    • Thanks Frances. It’s a bit like throwing out the kids baby clothes…. I want to keep them all :-). Perhaps I will keep them and then put them in my will. One of the lucky inheritors will get a luck dip.. If I become a famous photographer they hit the jackpot. If I don’t that’s their bad luck 🙂


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