Virginstagram – Worldwide Instameet 10

Virgin = a person who is naive or inexperienced in a particular context.

This week I set up my instagram account after seeing an article in our local paper that reads; Share your snaps. – Get involved in the world’s largest Instameet on October 4. Meet at the Redcliffe Jetty 5:15am

I will admit I’m not good in the morning. Like an old classic car (I’d liken myself to the 1964 Aston Martin DB5) I need to warm before hitting the road. Having said that, you can guess I don’t have many (I should say “any” until now) sunrise photographs.

I have no idea what the hash-tag thing is all about. I downloaded the instagram app and Googled how to tips but didn’t really understand what they were talking about. I figured someone might show me what to do when I get there.

I was right. There were some lovely people down at the jetty for the Instameet event. They were very generous with their time, showing me how to take the photo on my phone and post to instagram. I still have no clue. All I could see was peoples fingers tapping away at my phone and hearing “you tap here, type in this hashtag, tap this, edit from here…” Between us all we managed to take a few pics and post them.

These photographs are taken with my phone.. which I don’t use to take pictures with very often.


I took my Canon 700D along with me and wandered from the Jetty down to the Lagoon


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3 Responses to Virginstagram – Worldwide Instameet 10

  1. suzjones says:

    That was in our local paper as well but we didn’t attend the event at a dairy farm/farmstay down the road a bit of a ways. I heard it was very popular.
    I too am learning the ropes of Instagram and I admit that I’ve needed help with it. lol


    • Great stuff Suz, I’ll keep and eye out for you on instagram. It’s been a week of new challenges. I also set up my first twitter account, I don’t have much to “tweet” but I have started following some of my favourite journalist/celebs/news for up-date information.


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