Under My Feet

Take my hand and follow me. We are going to see what treasures lay waiting to be found and to discover the beauty beneath our feet and around us.

Hidden treasures

Many beautiful hidden treasures scattered over the sand. Look hard and they will reveal themselves.

An empty or broken shell against the grainy sand becomes alive as the colours and textures work together. I see beauty everywhere.

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Life in a rock pool. How long have these limpets been living on this rock?

Time to stop and look around. 

Photo painting


Pictures taken treasure hunting between the Gayundah Wreck and Scotts Point, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia 

About fluidicthought

Random thoughts put out there to stimulate the development and growth of new thoughts.
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5 Responses to Under My Feet

  1. Sigh..needed that xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fascinating shells. stones and scenery 🙂


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